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Mary Margaret Mitchell

Contribution to the Project: Mary Margaret Mitchell was the lead on gathering information about Flickr, Gab, Parler, LinkedIn, and Yelp. She documented the available data from each of these APIs. Although the team successfully collected data from Flickr, Gab, and Parler, we were not able to access publicly available information from LinkedIn or Yelp due to API or data related restrictions. For each of the platforms, Mary Margaret looked into what type of data could be found and used as well as the prevalence of COVID-19 related material found across the platforms. She also looked into information about their privacy policies concerning API use. Mary Margaret is also a part of the misinformation study team where she coded 1,100 posts and has conducted literature reviews for information on each of the platforms regarding population use. Additionally, she has been working on a literature review for the emotions based papers. Finally, at the close of the project, Mary Margaret also assisted with removing sensitive data from the final COPE-ID database.