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Shelby Gilbreath

Contribution to the Project: Shelby Gilbreath assisted with preparing the NSF Rapid Grant proposal material. Specifically, she assisted in the literature review on topics related to criminology such as scams, misinformation, and domestic violence. She also gathered hashtags and keywords for the proposed search criteria on Twitter for the grant proposal in early summer of 2020, where she defined trending hashtags in association with Covid-19. In addition, Shelby led on the documentation provided for Twitter and Instagram for Social Media APIs. She monitored and hosted Instagram accounts in case of need for data collection through the API. Finally, Shelby also assisted with removing sensitive data from the final COPE-ID database.  

Shelby was a part of the misinformation study team branch of the NSF Rapid project where she was involved in the following related tasks: 1) Literature review, 2) Looking into ‘Scam’ and ‘Misinformation’ definitions for Criminology, 3) Coded 1,100 documents for machine learning to identify and code for misinformation, and 4) Looked up hashtags and found meanings to be included in the codebook used for processing data for the misinformation study.