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Sujan Ranjan Anreddy, Ph.D.

Dr. Sujan Anreddy joined SSRC in January 2018 as a computer specialist, and after completion of his PhD, he was named an assistant research professor. He currently works on the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) funded project, “Child Health and Development Project” where he is designing and managing an integrated database that links educational records from MS Department of Education (MDE) with health records from the Division of Medicaid and the Mississippi State Department of Health. As part of managing this integrated database, he deals with technical issues related to system maintenance and data quality such as integration, consistency and integrity and provides support to data analysts. Additionally, given his expertise in data visualization, he provides the SSRC with the capacity to develop data dashboards and interactive visualizations. He holds a doctorate degree in Computer Science from Mississippi State University with a specialization in data visualization. His expertise and research interests include applying, and evaluating machine learning algorithms, building visual patterns using interactive visualization techniques to help analysts explore, identify, and comprehend big data features at multiple levels.

Contribution to Project: Dr. Sujan Anreddy coordinated with graduate and undergraduate Computer Science students in compiling the COPE-ID database from 10 different social media platforms. He worked with students in reviewing their technical blogs, and in helping students present for university held research symposiums. In addition, Dr. Sujan Anreddy co-led a team of students with Megan on the removal of sensitive data from the final COPE-ID database. Finally, he worked on using a parallel coordinate plot that was used for visualizing Covid-19 related hashtags from Jan 2020 to December 2020.