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Research Team

Payton Ray

Contribution to the Project: Payton Ray assisted in the completion of the 8kun documentation by putting it into a more accessible template. Her main role on… Read More »Payton Ray

Lindsay Roberts

Contribution to the Project: Lindsay Roberts developed python scripts to pull data from Redditt, Tumblr, and Gab. She also worked on identifying emotions during COVID-19 pandemic based on Twitter tweets… Read More »Lindsay Roberts

Taylor Ray

Contribution to the Project: Taylor Ray generated documentation on the APIs for YouTube (platform used) and Pinterest (platform unused). She wrote Python scripts to collect data from 7/10 social media… Read More »Taylor Ray

Nishan Karki

Contribution to the Project: Nishan Karki worked with Taylor Ray in collecting data from Flickr, and Mastodon. He worked on using the Latent Dirichlet Allocation algorithm to find topics from millions of tweets… Read More »Nishan Karki